Facilitation and training

Who you choose to facilitate your training influences its effectiveness through participant engagement and the transferability and sustainability of the concepts from workshop to workplace.

I am an accomplished and highly skilled facilitator and trainer, with extensive experience in the design and delivery of workshops and outstanding net promoter scores.

My workshops focus on the part of the brain that supports emotions, behaviours and motivation, an evidence-based approach to effective training, drawing on research in neuroscience and psychology.

My strength is to strategically connect participants with the content, by skillfully analysing participant needs and effectively synthesising information to guide the conversation to effective outcomes.

My delivery style is professionally energetic, and my contagious passion and enthusiasm allows me to inject energy and create interest into almost any topic.

My experience as an accredited executive coach (ICF Associate Certified Coach) adds a valuable element to my facilitation and training, allowing me to further encourage participant engagement and learning.

I can be engaged for a single workshop, on an ad hoc basis or for a fully scoped out program. A sample of the topics I am passionate about delivering include:

  • Values-based decision making
  • Strengths-based performance
  • Mastering the art of quality conversations
  • Every day coaching for performance
  • Performance management fundamentals
  • The art of giving and receiving effective feedback]
  • VitalSmarts Crucial Conversations