I am passionate about supporting personal and professional excellence by illuminating pathways for individuals, teams and organisations.

I am an accomplished consultant, coach, facilitator and trainer, with over 20 years leadership and management experience.

I pride myself on consistently exceeding the expectations of my clients, delivering outstanding results and bringing enthusiasm and contagious passion to these roles.

“Rosslyn is an exceptional operator with a strategic mind and brings a wealth of experience through her previous roles in both the public and private sector. Her leadership skills are unparalleled, and she strives for outstanding results through collaboration.”

“You will never meet a more passionate, driven, authentic, energetic, switched on woman and I would recommend her to any organisation or individual in a heart beat!”

“Rosslyn demonstrated how to easily motivate, refine and improve our performance and developed through a foundation of respect, lasting courage and trust that enabled our team to consistently push higher.”

Facilitation and training

Who you choose to facilitate your training influences its effectiveness through participant engagement and the transferability and sustainability of the concepts from workshop to workplace.

I am an accomplished and highly skilled facilitator and trainer, with extensive experience in the design and delivery of workshops and outstanding net promoter scores.

My workshops focus on the part of the brain that supports emotions, behaviours and motivation, an evidence-based approach to effective training, drawing on research in neuroscience and psychology.

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Coaching can be a powerful tool for any individual or group seeking to improve performance and achieve personal and profession growth. A skilled coach can bring focus to the establishment and development of goals, emphasising forward action and a commitment to clear measurable outcomes. As knowledge alone rarely changes behaviour, coaching can support consistent and deliberate practice, leading to the desired performance improvement and growth.

The benefit of an external coach is in the independence and objectivity, which can allow for more fulsome exploration of personal, professional and organisational barriers and opportunities.

Coaching is an outstanding investment and offers a significant return on investment for individuals and organisations.

I am a highly effective, accredited executive coach, with experience in career transition, career development, executive performance and diversity.

I offer coaching to organisations and individuals, and offer a complementary 20 minute exploration session to allow both parties to determine compatibility.


From time to time organisations have a need that can’t be met with existing resources.

My approach to consulting?

  • I listen. I listen to ensure I understand exactly what you need and when you need it.
  • I add value. I don’t simply look at your watch and tell you what time it is. I apply my knowledge, skills and experience to assist you in achieving your objectives.
  • I engage. I build strong relationships quickly, ensuring stakeholder buy in and leveraging existing knowledge, skills and experience in your organisation.

Typical scenarios include:

  • Employee engagement before, during and after periods of change
  • Program evaluation
  • Developing a business case for a new program
  • Conducting research on a specific topic for a specific purpose

In these cases, engaging a consultant with the necessary skills, capability and capacity can allow the business to remain focuses on business as usual while achieving additional outcomes.

I have expertise in managing teams, diversity capability, managing performance, strategic planning, program management and evaluation.

Rosslyn Cox

Rosslyn is a passionate, highly effective and sought after facilitator, coach, consultant and speaker.

Rosslyn is an accomplished facilitator with over a 1,000 hours experience designing and delivering hundreds of high quality, highly interactive workshops spanning topics including performance management, effective communication, emotional intelligence, values and strengths, leadership, culture, diversity and inclusion. Using the latest research in the fields of psychology, neuroscience and management, Rosslyn combines a passion for enabling participants to understand the relationship between motivation and behaviour with the theoretical aspects of the training to achieve meaningful and sustainable outcomes.

As an ICF certified executive coach, Rosslyn applies a strengths-based approach to personal and professional performance, emphasising emotional intelligence and referencing positive psychology and neuroscience. Through this approach, Rosslyn has helped numerous high performing clients achieve remarkable professional results.

Rosslyn has held leadership and management positions across the government, higher education, not-for-profit and private sectors. She has considerable experience working with individuals, teams, senior managers and executives across multiple sectors and complex management issues.

Rosslyn has extensive leadership and strategic planning experience including program evaluations, with a specific interest in the effective management of performance management as a key driver of strategic business success.

Qualifications and training:

  • Hogan Assessment Certification (2018)
  • Gallup Successful Strengths Coaching Certification (2018)
  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation (2017)
  • Executive Coaching Program, Swinburne University (2017)
  • VitalSmarts(TM) Crucial Conversations(TM) Certified Trainer (2017)
  • Foundations in Public Participation, IAP2 (International Association for Public Participation) (2015)
  • State Government Executive Leadership and Management Program (2013)
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies, University of Adelaide (2011)
  • Graduate Diploma of Public Policy, Flinders University (2009)
  • Lifeline and Domestic Violence Helpline Telephone Counsellor, (2008)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Management), University of Adelaide (2002)


Rosslyn Cox, Managing Director

E: info@rosslyncox.com

M: 0449 298 322